Sunday, December 11, 2011

That's My Girl! :)


As promised I am posting the block of the month tonight.  I admit though, I ran out of time today, with church and a Christmas music program my daughter was in this afternoon. So, I'm using the santa hat birdhouse, I did a few weeks ago, for another project.   You can find it on the AQST Block of the Month tab, if you don't get it today.  

I have to brag on my daughter, a little bit.  She did such an awesome job today in the program.  She played the drums.  I was screaming on the inside "That's my girl!!".  :)  I chose to keep it in, so that I wouldn't embarrass her.




1 - 11" square of your background color
1 fat quarter of red fabric
1 fat quarter of white fabric
scrap pieces of black fabric and gray fabric (big enough for hole)
1 bead or scrap fabric for perch

  • Of the red fabric cut out two triangles 8" high, with a 5" base..  Place them right sides together and sew them together, leaving the base of the triangle open, so that you can turn the triangle right sides out.
  • Of the white fabric, cut a rectangle 5" x 1.5".  This will be the band for the santa hat.   Cut a 1.5" circle for the white ball at the tip of the hat.
  • Of the black fabric, cut a 1.5" circle for the door of the santa hat birdhouse. 
  • Of the gray fabric, cut a crescent shape to applique on the black circle, previously cut.  This will give dimension to the opening, when the pieces are put together.

Lay the red triangle on the background fabric.  Fold the tip of the triangle over, as shown in the picture.  Pin the red fabric down and applique in place.   Now position the white rectangle at the base of the triangle and pin in place and applique.   Take the white circle and pin and applique it in place at the tip of the triangle.  You should have something that looks like a santa hat.   

Now take the black circle and pin and applique it in place above the white band and in the center of the red fabric.  Take the gray crescent shape and applique it on the black circle, as shown in the picture.

Add the bead or a small circle for the perch.    Embellish the santa hat birdhouse as you like.



For Christmas dinner, turkey or ham?


This is my latest addition to my Christmas decorations.  I think I'm finally done. 

This is on my dining table.  The tree is made from a catalog, I folded up then painted and glittered.  I added the bow and ribbon and presents to embellish it.

My table is small, so I need something that didn't take up too much space.  I think this worked out pretty good.  :)


Here's wishing you a wonderful week ahead!!

God bless and keep you,

My answer to yesterday's question: definitely bags  :)

Beauty of Giving