Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Candle and its Flame

It hisses to life with an amber glow, casting small shadows on the wall. Steady and strong only to bend when the slightest change comes its way; it is ever adaptable to change. So beautiful and mesmerizing as it moves and breathes pulling you into to it‘s world. It is controllable at this point, burning low and quiet but has the potential to be become so much more. It‘s soul purpose is to burn, hot and all consuming. The wick bends under its heat as the wax melts at its onslaught. Without this wick and wax, it would be uncontrollable, consuming everything in its path, growing with each piece it consumes until there is no more.

It is a teacher of sorts, showing the importance of self-control. We are like the candle holding the flame. The flame burns hot and it’s up to us on if it burns low and quiet, mesmerizing as we move through this life or if it burns out of control consuming everything and everyone in our path until there is nothing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

From Whence I Come

I come from the dust of the earth,

From the thunder, lightening and rain,

I come from anguish and pain,

From struggles and torment,

I come from burdens carried through the darkness,

Bound by heavy chains,

I come from sunshine,

And cool breezes in the night,

I come from the smell of lavender,

Of freshly cut grass and honeysuckle,

I come from the moon,

And the stars that sparkle,

I come from waves of the ocean,

Washing in on the coast,

I come from the bird’s song,

Serenading the earth,

I come from spirit torn and freedom won,

I come from the smile of a child,

With a sparkle in her eye,

I come from joy in the heart,

And from peace in the soul,

I come from the love of a man,

And from integrity and grace,

I come from faith and hope,

From gentleness and self control,

I come from power in my times of weakness.

I come from the Creator of all.

Sonia Parham 3/4/10

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally finished...

Finally, it is finished!! 

This is a quilted laptop bag for a friend of mine.   This was a learning experience (as most of my quilting projects are).  I believe designing a quilt and creating it is easier than following the pattern for this totebag. :)

I know the next bag I make will be easier.  With each step taken or stitched you always walk away with new knowledge.

I delivered this to my friend and she was very happy with it, which in turn made me happy. :)

Now it's time to move on the "hearts" quilt, but I have a couple of crocheted aftghan's to do first and a block of the month to keep up with... So maybe by the end of May I will be able to start on the "hearts".   The good news is all the "heart" blocks are done and ready to be pieced into a top, so half the work is done. :)

keep stitching,

Monday, March 1, 2010

Nothing's perfect...

Like life, sewing is not perfect. :) 

There is always a seam that needs to be ripped out or you will see a mistake after a project is completed.

The other day, I was looking at the quilt I have hanging in my living room.  It's the very first quilt I made.  It is full of what I would now call mistakes, but in the beginning I was proud of my creation, not seeing the flaws. 

I am still proud of it but for different reasons.  Looking at my first quilt reminds me that nothing is perfect and with each quilt I learn something new.  I have also found this true with the handbags and tote bags I make.  That's the fun in creating something with your hands; it's growing, learning and accomplishing new ideas each time you work.

So the next time you have to rip out a seam...

:)  Sonia

Beauty of Giving