Thursday, March 4, 2010

From Whence I Come

I come from the dust of the earth,

From the thunder, lightening and rain,

I come from anguish and pain,

From struggles and torment,

I come from burdens carried through the darkness,

Bound by heavy chains,

I come from sunshine,

And cool breezes in the night,

I come from the smell of lavender,

Of freshly cut grass and honeysuckle,

I come from the moon,

And the stars that sparkle,

I come from waves of the ocean,

Washing in on the coast,

I come from the bird’s song,

Serenading the earth,

I come from spirit torn and freedom won,

I come from the smile of a child,

With a sparkle in her eye,

I come from joy in the heart,

And from peace in the soul,

I come from the love of a man,

And from integrity and grace,

I come from faith and hope,

From gentleness and self control,

I come from power in my times of weakness.

I come from the Creator of all.

Sonia Parham 3/4/10


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