Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Candle and its Flame

It hisses to life with an amber glow, casting small shadows on the wall. Steady and strong only to bend when the slightest change comes its way; it is ever adaptable to change. So beautiful and mesmerizing as it moves and breathes pulling you into to it‘s world. It is controllable at this point, burning low and quiet but has the potential to be become so much more. It‘s soul purpose is to burn, hot and all consuming. The wick bends under its heat as the wax melts at its onslaught. Without this wick and wax, it would be uncontrollable, consuming everything in its path, growing with each piece it consumes until there is no more.

It is a teacher of sorts, showing the importance of self-control. We are like the candle holding the flame. The flame burns hot and it’s up to us on if it burns low and quiet, mesmerizing as we move through this life or if it burns out of control consuming everything and everyone in our path until there is nothing.

Beauty of Giving