Tuesday, August 25, 2015


 "Mom, you got a package!"

Those are the words that came down the hall to my sewing room yesterday afternoon.

A package from my Fat Quarter Swap partner came in the mail.

Aren't the fat quarters pretty?  I think so. There is also embroidery thread, a cute strawberry needle book, a sample of hot iron cleaner, a sample of Sugar shower gel, Blistex, and a package of gum.  This was all inside the cute bag.  The bag had a panel of sayings in the bottom.

I visited a new quilt shop (for me) this weekend.

Cozy Quilts and Things is located in Mulberry, AR.  I will be visiting that shop again.  There is a good selection of fabric and the prices are good too.  The owner of the shop, Linda DeWater, makes you feel at home and is very helpful if you have any questions. Here is a link that tells about the shop. http://766491663590433070.weebly.com/
She helped me get my brain wrapped around doing a scrap quilt, which is totally out of my normal quilting frame of mind.

My daughter has decided on the type of quilt she would like.  She picked a modern scrappy quilt in colors of the rainbow, so I was glad to have some instruction and inspiration on how to go about making one.

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Blossoms of light..

It was good to be back in my sewing room this week.   It all started on the weekend when I made this small baby quilt and large receiving blanket.  These two will go the our local COS.
30" square

 I started working on this little quilt a week or so ago.  I finished it this evening.  It is 8" x 12".
It is a representation of what's been going on with my dad.   Though there have been dark days, there has been small blossoms of light along the way.
I have added three beads in each block, representing the Holy Trinity and how God has helped each of us through this long process.  I quilted it in a way that represents the roller coaster ride we have been on with the good days and bad days.  :)  I used metallic thread to quilt it, representing dad's strong will.
 Dad is beginning to have more good days and is getting stronger.

~ Sonia

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Scrappy Beauty

Happy Left Handers Day!

I helped host the Logan County Fair last night and thought I'd share the Grand prize quilt with you.

Isn't this a scrappy beauty?  It is hand quilted.

Judging started yesterday and I think some continued today.

The "Bargains Galore on 64" is in full swing through the weekend.  Hwy 64 runs through the town I work in, Ozark, AR, and the traffic was very busy today.  I saw a beauty today though as I walked back in after lunch.  I saw a vintage pink Cadillac with tail fins and rag top.  I found out later, when telling a friend about it, that the car is owned by a lady who works in Ozark and she drives it every day.  How have I missed that beautiful car all this time?

The garden has done pretty good this year.  The squash is done but we still have peppers, tomatoes, carrots,watermelons, etc. growing.  We have two raised beds.  Here is the last "big" harvest I did.  David has harvested more, since this picture, but I thought it made for a pretty picture.  There's kale, jalapenos, banana peppers, okra, cherry tomatoes, pearl onion, squash and eggplant.  I took this picture right after I washed them.

The weekend is drawing near and I hope to be able to work in my sewing room this weekend.  There are so many things I want to get done and I just haven't had time, of late, to do them.

This little poem came to me this evening.
Rushing here,
Rushing there,
With no time to spare,
Sewing machine is collecting dust,
Afraid it might begin to rust,
Fabric waits and thread looks on,
Beads, buttons, and yarn wonder where I’ve gone.
Need to slow down and relax,
Bring out the fabric and thread packs,
Put that machine to use,
Bring out the yarn, beads and buttons too.
And don’t forget the scrapbook pages,
To share all the wonders in life,
A sunrise here,  
A flower blooms there,
When you slow down you see beauty everywhere.

                                                    SParham 08-13-15

I guess that's it for now.

Chat with you soon,

Monday, August 10, 2015

Three stages... :)

Have you ever had a day where you experienced three different stages of tears?

Today, I did.

My son came home for a visit this weekend and had to leave this morning.... tears of sadness.

About mid-morning I was working on something that really stresses me out... tears of stress.

Then about thirty minutes before leaving work I and two ladies I work with, received some very good news.... tears of joy.  (I can't go into it but in regard to the thing that brought on the tears of stress, this was actually an answer to prayers)

Talk about a roller coaster day, at least it ended on a good note.    


P.S.  Hope to have something "crafty" with you soon.  :)

Beauty of Giving