Friday, December 30, 2011

Putting Away the Old Year, Getting Ready for the New


Well, today was the day I took my Christmas decorations down.  Honestly, my living area looks bare now, after having decorations up for the past two months ~ first Thanksgiving and then Christmas.  I always have that feeling of  "something is missing", for the first day or two, after taking down the decorations.  I usually use the time to change up the daily decor, instead of putting it all back the way it was before the holidays.

I'm still working on the small afghan and am close to having it finished.

I also started a new project today.

This will be another wall hanging for my cubicle at work ~ to get me through January.

The flowers are from a Christmas bouquet, I decided had lived out its life.  I took the best looking flowers and leaves off the stems and separated them.  I placed them, then pinned them down onto the background fabric.

I am using a blanket stitch in contrasting embroidery threads, to applique them in place.   I'm using black for the burgundy flowers, a dark red for the white flowers, and I plan to use a dark green for the leaves.   I will either use french knots or seed beads for the center of the flowers.



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In my family, blacked eye peas and ham hocks (Hoppin' John) are present in a meal on the first day of the year.  This is a southern tradition, here in the States.  Eating black eyed peas to have plenty of everything in the new year.

Another tradition, for me is watching (on the TV) the dropping of the New Year ball at 11:59 PM, each New Year's eve, in Times Square, New York City.  It takes one minute to descend, landing at 12:00 AM in the new year.

And you've heard of the Rose Bowl and the Tournament of Roses parade that precedes the game.  My niece Chloe will be in the parade this year, with the All Lubbock Marching Band.  She will be twirling a flag.  I will miss seeing her.  I usually watch the Rose parade, but this year I'll be working that day.

What traditions do you have?


Here's wishing you the last day of the year full of blessing!!

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving