Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Under The Influence?

Enable "Out of Office" message for email.  Check!
Set "Out of Office" voice mail.  Check!

As of 4:30 PM, Central, I am off work until Monday!

My friend Bonnie works at the front desk in the office and told me today that when I'm gone she is asked over and over about my whereabouts.   She usually posts a sign on my chair stating "Sonia Is Out", but this evidently doesn't get the message across.  Another lady in the office agreed with Bonnie and said I need to roll my chair to my cubicle entrance, facing out, to make sure people see the sign. Her cubicle is across from mine, so she gets hit with all the traffic too.

So today Bonnie made a special sign and gave it to me to pin to my chair.  Not sure what she is trying to say with it, but I thought it was hilarious and gladly pinned it to my chair.

I don't really have any major plans except for RELAX.  :)  I'll eat an ice cream sandwich to that!



Since I have been going through a tiny mental block of late... thought I would add a portion to my post for creative writing.  I will be using a book I received from my friend Carla.  It is full of writing prompts.  Not sure how crazy or silly it will get but that's part of the fun.

My prompt this evening:  "Put it down or I'll scream." 

As she walked into the kitchen, she saw him pull the box from the freezer.  Was he thinking of eating the last ice cream sandwich?   No way - he wouldn't dare.
Microsoft clip art

Time slowed down as she watched him reach into the box and pull out the last one.   Tossing the box into the trash, he smiled at her.

"Oh, hi babe" he said.

"Give me the sandwich." she replied, her face showing no signs of amusement.

"What?" he said

Her eyebrows rose as she responded, "I asked you to give me the ice cream sandwich." 

Laughing he shook his head.  "You crack me up, with your subtle jokes."

"Put it down or I'll scream."  She was shaking. 

He looked at her confused.  What is wrong with her, he wondered.   "Are you okay babe?"

She walked up to him and snatched the ice cream sandwich out of his hand.  She opened it up, took a bite out of it, smiled and turned around and walked away, humming quietly to herself.

"Wow", he thought as he watched her walk down the hall.  He reached for the phone and dialed the psychiatrist.



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May your tomorrow be filled with sunshine!!

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving