Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hatching Plans

Today I noticed my Daffodils are coming up and I got a glimpse of the first of the Hyacinths peeking through the soil.

I will need to re-do the mulch again this year.

I will also be pulling out this Japanese Holly as something got to it and killed it.  I plan to transplant my Hostas in it's place.   A few of my Lilies are coming up too... just hope it doesn't freeze again and kill them off.

As I looked around this afternoon on my lunch break, it was raining lightly... plans started going through my mind... get rid of this plant, move this plant... buy more of these plants....

Have you started hatching plans for the Spring and flower or veggie gardens?



Question:   Do you ever set goals and meet them?
0% said Yes, Always
66% said Yes, Sometimes
33% said Yes, Rarely
0% said Yes, Never

There you have it..... It seems we all set goals but not always make them.

Glad to know I'm not alone in the matter.

A new poll will be posted soon.... Any suggestions?


Microsoft clip art

Well... I sewed until my bobbin ran out, then stopped for the evening.   

I was able to get all the blocks for the middle of the "Spring Around the World" quilt done with a thin dark blue border.  I'll add another border tomorrow then finish it off.  

I looked for a pattern for a quilted camera bag for a friend of mine, today.  The books I have, have no such pattern.  

Does anyone know where we can find a pattern (preferably free) for a quilted camera bag?


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