Thursday, February 17, 2011

Keeping Quilting Alive

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This afternoon I went to the post office, on my lunch break, to mail out the Valentine's Day Giveaway winnings. 

The postal person behind the counter and I chatted away and got on the topic of quilting.  She asked me a few questions and then told me she is taking up quilting as a hobby.  She needs something to do outside of work to keep her brain active.  I thought she picked a good hobby for that.

She is completely a beginner.  I told her she could find a lot of basic information and tutorials on quilting on the Internet. 

I had to leave as another customer came in. 

I went home to finish my lunch break and as I sat there thinking about my conversation at the post office, a light went on inside my head.  

I have all kinds of books and magazines on quilting and such... why don't I give one to her?

I didn't have time to go through my books at lunch.  I did however go through them this evening and chose a book that helped me out a lot when I first started. 

The book:  ALL ABOUT QUILTING FROM A TO Z; from Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, Quiltmaker Magazine, and C&T Publishing.

I plan to stop by the post office on my lunch break tomorrow and give it to her.   It is, after all, a Quilter's duty to share the craft and keep it alive. 

 Thought for today
It was another beautiful day today.
Boy, it sure is hard to stay in the office a work!

 Some of the quilts I've done in the past.


my first quilt for my hubby
1st quilt for my daughter
                      1st quilt for my son
first landscape     

tropical scene

Tennessee quilt

Flannel and Fleece

Angels Among Us


 In Closing
I'd like to quote Mary White of Texas.

"You can't always change things.  Sometimes you don't have no control over the way things go.  Hail ruins the crops or fire burns you out.  And then you're just given so much to work with in a life and you have to do the best you can with what you got.  That's what piecing is.  The material is passed on to you or is all you can afford to buy...that's just what's given to you.  Your fate.  But the way you put them together is your business."   from a book titled, The Quilters-Women and Domestic Art by Patricia J. Cooper and Norma Bradley Allen.

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving