Friday, February 4, 2011

Just a few winter pics

If you are in my neck of the woods, Arkansas, you know it snowed today.  The earth is covered with a nice, wet, good packing kind of snow.  The kind that makes perfect snowballs. 

I received evidence that it was good for snowballs this afternoon, as I was leaving work. A friend of mine threw a huge snowball at me.  Luckily I had just ducked into the car.  :)

Snow... I like it if I'm nice a toasty on the inside watching out the window, as if in a snow-globe of sorts.  That's how I enjoy the snow.  It's pretty when it falls from the heavens and lands softly on the earth... until a dog runs through it, or a car sputters by.   

My thoughts for today

This morning as I watched the weather and heard the predictions... words started flowing out of me...

Snow, snow why do you blow in my neighborhood?
Go away, go away... 
I should have moved further South, than I am today...

Yes... I am ready for Spring.

Pics of the day

As it began to float from the heavens....

White fluffy cover...


Awesome gnarley trees!


So... what are your plans for the snow?

Do you get out and play:  snowball fights, snowmen/women/angels?   


Do you sit inside with a hot cup of cocoa, all nice and toasty and serene enjoying the view?

Beauty of Giving