Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting Ready For A Sewing Day

Winding bobbins
 This evening I prepared for a sewing day.  The 2011 Butterfly Quilt committee will be meeting tomorrow to sew the quilt top together.

I pulled out my old Dressmaker sewing machine (my first sewing machine), ran several rows of stitching to make sure it was still in good working order.  I will be taking it to our meeting place tomorrow instead of the one I have sitting in my sewing table. 

My craft  bags are packed and ready.  


Since I had my camera out, I went ahead and took pictures of my sewing area.

A little while back I had posted that I was changing up my sewing area  to make it more efficient, organized and easier to use.  It takes up half of our bedroom.  At one time the bed was in the middle of the room and my sewing area was all around it.   I decided to move it all to one side of the room.  

David built me a sewing table with a cutting table that can be pulled up and locked to the wall when not needed.

My fabric use to be in totes or cardboard boxes and wasn't always easy to get to.
Now it's all in one cabinet.

I also now have an area for designing or writing. 

It has made a big difference and I'm glad I made the change.   Plan to paint a quilt block on the wall that will show when the cutting table is down (that is what the diagram is, that is pinned to the wall).  The block colors are brown, antique white, blue and aqua.   I also have plans to make a quilt in these colors and hope to start on it later this year.



I found out today that we will be having a "tea cup" auction at work to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  The due date for donations to auction off is March 11, 2011.  

I have set a goal to have something made for the "tea cup" auction.    I'm thinking a small quilt.   I have to yet to decide the pattern but plan on having a decision made this weekend so that I can start on it next week.

What goal have you set?

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 In Closing:
What ever you chose to do this weekend, I pray you have blessed weekend!
God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving