Tuesday, February 15, 2011

COOL! It's A Halo!

Last night I got home around 9:00 PM, hurried into the house, put my handbag down and headed straight for the 'little girls' room.  My daughter, Audre, and I had visited my parents who live about 45 minutes away and that last bottle of water I had... well... like I said, straight to the bathroom. 

Driving home and then rushing into the house I failed to notice a beautiful site in the sky.  My husband brought it to my attention. 

He led me outside and said "Babe, look up."

"Cool!  It's a halo!"  My voice echoed in the neighborhood...

Though a picture of the halo around the moon was not to be caught on film, the beautiful moon was.

It never ceases to amaze me, how beautiful the moon is.


Had a quilt guild meeting tonight.

I was blessed with one of the door prizes tonight

I belong to the Logan County PieceMakers Quilt Guild in Paris, AR.  

We had a good program tonight.  It was on marking your quilt for quilting. 

One tip I was impressed with was to use a clear vinyl sheet.  You lay the clear vinyl sheet on top of your quilt top and use a dry erase marker and draw out your quilting design.  You can erase it away if it's not quite what you want and redraw it until you get the pattern just right.    

Another useful tip was if you use the clear vinyl sheet make sure to mark the edges so that you don't mark on your quilt top as you are playing around with the design.  The lady doing the demonstration used gray duct tape to mark hers.  She said that markers wear off too easily.  

I'm thinking some of that cool looking duct tape (like the zebra stripe or something) would be a cool way to mark the edges.   

What do you think about the handy tips I learned tonight?


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One of my favorite quotes....

Your worst days are never so bad you are beyond the reach of God's grace, 
and your best days are never so good you are beyond the need of God's grace.
God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving