Thursday, October 18, 2012

Last Rose of the Season & Remembering a Dust Storm


you know what finger nail polish remover smells like?   Intensify that 10 times and that's what the office smelled like all day.  UGH!


My daughter took these pics of my last red rose of the season, this afternoon.

I hear the leaves are changing color up on the mountain.  I hope to get some good pictures this weekend.


Today, on the news, I learned there was dust storm in Oklahoma causing a pile up on the freeway.

I remember going through a dust storm, when I was a kid (1970's).

We lived out in western Kansas.  I, my sister and brothers were playing outside.  The winds were high, like they always seemed to be in Kansas.  My dad, was outside with us and he hollered "kids get inside quick!".  I asked what was wrong and he pointed to the west, and that's when I saw the wall of brown moving our way.   We all got in the house and my mom gave us each a rag to hold over our nose and mouth.  That storm hit and the winds picked up, so much we could feel it buffeting the house.  The dust crept into the house, through every slightest seam there might have been.

I'll never forget that day.


Tuesday evening I attended the Logan County PieceMakers Quilt guild meeting.  We had a small group and only one show and tell.

This is one member's quilt top.   It was made by her great grandmother and completed in 1935.  It is made from silk ties.   Some of the silk has rotted out and she is clipping it out of the top, but keeping her great grandmother's embroidery work, and replacing the rotted pieces with silk ties her husband no longer uses.   I think it is a cool piece.


Source: via Robin on Pinterest

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Here's wishing you fabulous Friday!!

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