Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beauty and Opportunity...


More of the LORD'S beautiful work in the sky this evening.   I'm glad He likes color, aren't you?



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During council time in AWANA, this evening, the teacher gave an awesome analogy of sin.  She started out talking about yard work and how weeds will take over your yard if you don't take steps to keep them out.  

She then showed the children, how sin will take over, if you don't ask for forgiveness.  She took a strip of lime green tissue paper and when she gave an example of a sin, she placed it on her head or shoulders.  For example... "today I said something hateful to someone, well...they made me mad"... lime green strip goes on...."I was taking a test today, one I didn't study for... and looked on another girls paper and wrote the answer down"... another lime green strip... 

She continued with situations we have all found ourselves in at one time or another and added a strip of lime green tissue paper for each one.  The children were captivated.   She explained we must ask God for forgiveness of sins we commit and that there is no sin too big or too bad that God won't forgive.  He will forgive, if you confess your sin.  Then she shared with them how we should forgive others too.

The lesson brought back my morning Bible study.  It was in Matthew, chapter 18, about forgiving others.  The biblical true I got from it was just as God has forgiven me of my sin, I should forgive others.

It seems that's how it works... when God is trying to get a message across... you will hear or see that same thing from several different avenues.   Have you ever noticed that?

Here's wishing you terrific Thursday!
God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving