Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A special jewel in his crown...

Good morning,
Last night we received a call that one of our church members passed away.  As I understand it, it was sudden and not expected.

He was one of those people who made you feel welcome, each time you met him.   A rare person, indeed.

Every time my family would meet him, he always had a smile, and a warm handshake.  When he asked how you were doing, he meant it.  He always had a way to bring your spirit up, when you were feeling down.  He was always there to lend a helping hand.

He will always have a fond place in my family's mind as being genuine, always ready with a smile and a care in his heart for others.   

His name is Bill Pugh.   I believe Bill is now in heaven, smiling bigger than ever before and is singing louder and more joyful than we can imagine.  I also believe the simple kindness that Bill showed while on this earth will give him a special jewel in his crown.

To all my prayer warrior friends, I know you are already praying for the Pugh family and I thank you for that.   If you would like to give Bill's wife, Betty, a few words of encouragement or send a prayer to her, please let me know, either by email or through Facebook and I will make sure she gets them. 

God bless and keep you, 

Beauty of Giving