Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Thanksgiving

Today, my day was slept away, by being on sinus pills.  I was awake for about four hours and in that time I was able to visit with family and enjoy another Thanksgiving meal, though I didn't eat much.  
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I woke up about an hour ago... Hungry!  :)   

So I fried up a little ham, scrambled an egg and placed them between two slices of David's homemade bread with a piece of cheese.  Then nuked it for few seconds to melt the cheese.  Very tasty.

A little something I wrote this evening....

There's a special feeling in the air,
Happy memories and new ones to share,
Around the tables, voices chatter,
New stories and old are replayed.
Knowing this chance of storytelling is rare.
Savory dishes are displayed.
Intimate the gathering, full of love and friendship.
Nothing is more precious than this.
Grateful, am I, to have experienced it.
                                       Sonia R. Parham 11/20/11

I'll be signing off now.   Have a wonderful week!!
God bless and keep you,
My answer to the last question: buying my hybrid civic. 

Beauty of Giving