Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finally Finished!

Hello!   Has this week, flown by for anyone else, or am I alone in this?  :)  

I just realized that next week is Thanksgiving!!

We are having a Thanksgiving meal, at work tomorrow and then on both sides of my family, this weekend.

Do you think I will get turkeyed out?  Gobble, Gobble!  :)

This time of year, as most you are probably aware, is a buzzing time for me.   I have to finish a quilt by tomorrow, then I will be starting on projects for Christmas.   I'm still working on the baby afghan too.   But it seems if I'm busy, I'm staying out of trouble.  :)   Can anyone relate?



Do you prefer turkey or ham?



The lady I made this for likes the quilts to be tied.    So I'm going to show how I tie them.

First insert you needle in the direction  you're going to tie and tie a square knot. (over and through, then under and through).  

Now, move to your next space for a tie and insert the needle in the direction you are going to tie.
Then, once you have pulled the thread through, and have the needle and thread on one side, insert the needle under the thread from the opposite side (as shown in the picture), then pull up taut, making the first tie.

Now, repeat the above step in the opposite direction.

It should look like this.

Continue to tie this way until your thread gets too short.  Then clip the ties.


Well, a front moved in, dropped the temps and stuffed up my sinuses.... so I think I will go hang my head over a steaming bowl of lavender vapors.

Here's wishing you a Terrific Thursday!

God bless and keep you,

My answer to the last question:  yes, a few from broken glass and gravel, others from surgery.

Beauty of Giving