Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just me and my Maker

 As I backed out of my driveway, going back to work after lunch, I saw the sunshine on the lilies.  I pulled back into the driveway, ran into the house and got my camera. 

Aren't they pretty?!

They will be in a different spot next year, as they tower over my Japanese Holly and Azalea bushes.


Memorial Day Sale caught me...

Michael's had a Memorial Day sale and look what I found...

I crochet and quilt, but I don't knit.  I've tried and believe me, I don't have a knack for it.  So.. what to do if you want to knit something but don't have the knack?

I found this handy knitting contraption.  The Knifty Knitter.  Check out what I've knit thus far!

The crazy thing is, I'm going to pull it out and use both colors of blue on the loom.   Wish me luck!

I also bought more cotton yarn for crocheted dishcloths. 

I have found, I prefer them over the regular dishcloths.


Hoffman Challenge...

 Last night I worked on my Hoffman challenge project, to show off at the quilt guild meeting this month.   I mentioned in an earlier blog that there was a lot of "fussy cutting" going on.   Done.  whew!!

Have started appliqueing the pieces...  do I have your curiosity up?

Just me and my Maker...

This evening, I needed some alone time.  Just me and my Maker.   

Ever been there?

So, when David and Audre left for church, I stayed home.  

I turned off the TV, when they walked out the door.  

I had a good cry with the Lord.  You know?... I'm glad God understands my tears, my heart and my thoughts... because I had no words.  I just cried, knowing He would understand.

I went ahead and finished up my Sunday school lesson. Was planning on doing a little bit each day through the week... but its finished.  

I brewed a pot of coffee and read some more of  "One in a million" by  Priscilla Shirer.  She mentions being in a wilderness... I'm thinking stress at the work place is my wilderness. 

By the time my hubby and daughter came home I was feeling much better spiritually.

Just needed that couple of hours of peace and solitude.
     Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and He shall say, Here I am...
~ Isaiah 58:9


In Closing...

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving