Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lord, give me the strength and grace to face it.

I missed my youngest today.   

She was on a band trip to Hot Springs.  A day planned, full of fun, with a Skillet concert to boot.   She just called and told me she will be home around 1:00 a.m.

At one point this evening, I walked to the kitchen and a thought hit me.   It was just me and David in the house.   Our son was still at work, daughter on her trip and the house was so quiet.   I thought, is this how it's going to be when they are both moved out into their own places?   

I don't think I like the quiet.   

I know however, that the day is coming and coming sooner than I like, that I will be facing that situation.

Lord, give me the strength and grace to face it. 

Have you hugged your kitty today?

Today is Hug Your Cat day!

June 4th actually has three bizarre holidays attached to it, but since I have a fat Tabby named Elvis, I thought I'd highlight "Hug Your Cat Day".

Not sure who came up with this "holiday" or when it originated.  Not even sure there is any factual data out there, couldn't seem to find it, but I am sure it was a cat lover who created it.   I also found out June is "Adopt A Cat Month".    

Dog lovers... sorry... but I'm sure I will come across a "Hug Your Dog Day" at some point, though...

The other two bizarre holidays assigned to today are "Old Maid's Day" and "Applesauce Cake Day".

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My Goals for this weekend...

  1. Mug Rug - for mug rug swap
  2. Crocheted dishcloth - to go with mug rug
  3. 2 crocheted rings - for friend
  4. Continue Hoffman Challenge project
What I have accomplished thus far...
  1. Mug Rug - completed
  2. Crocheted dishcloth - completed
  3. 1 crocheted ring - started

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Until next time...
God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving