Sunday, May 15, 2011

True North

This afternoon I started painting the Mariner's Compass on my wall, in my sewing area.   It's not finished, so I will wait until it is, before I post a pic.

Microsoft clip art
The Mariner's Compass is a very old quilt pattern.  The first recorded mariner's compass quilt is dated 1726, according to quilt pattern designer, Judy Mathieson.   This quilt pattern will look great in my bedroom as I collect the old sailing ships and have them on display in my room.   The colors I am using on my painted mariner's compass will be reflected in the quilt I will make for the bed.

As I painted, I began to reflect on this pattern.

A mariner's compass is a tool used to help sailors navigate the seas.   The compass was invented in ancient China, around 247 BC, but wasn't used in navigation until around the 1100s.  So, the mariner's compass has been around for quite a while.

Reflecting on this, I see that people have always been searching, looking for guidance.  

Today, people still search.

Like the vast sea, with its waters constantly moving,  life tosses us about.  In my life, my "mariner's compass" is the Bible.  When I'm going through a tumultuous time, being rocked by the raging waves of life, I can go to my "mariner's compass" and find an answer to a problem I'm facing or find comfort while being tossed about by the wind.

I didn't always have my "mariner's compass" or if I did, I did not use it.   I would fight the raging waves on my own, only to be knocked down and sucked in - pulled deep down under the sea.  My life then was literally dark and dreary.

Thank goodness, I no longer have to live that way.     I made a choice.  A choice to follow God and to use His Word as my guide.    I now go through life with my eye on "True North" and try not to veer off coarse.   I know though, if I do get knocked down by a rogue wave along the way, I can find my way back up with my "mariner's compass".


Just thought I'd share Audre's marshmallow catapult with you.

The Marshmallow Catapult
Lock and Load

Marshmallow Loaded
  and FIRE!!  The marshmallow flew 27 feet!
Big brother (Josh) checking it out.


On the way home from church this evening, the sky was once again an awesome sight.   
When I got home I took some pics.   
It's not that I'm fascinated with the moon and clouds....  I'm fascinated with God's creation.

Just think - in  the old days sailors had to use the sky too, in order to navigate.

So... may you have clear skies and a "mariner's compass" to navigate your way through the week ahead.

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving