Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ping, Ping, Bong, CRASH

It all started with random notes on the piano.... ping, ping, bong....

4:35 a.m.:  I'm waking from my three hours of sleep, groggy... and thinking is Audre playing the piano in her sleep?...  you know how your minds works in that state... then it dawns on me that it is most likely not her and it's probably Elvis.

Yes, Elvis is in the house.  He's my overweight tabby.    Sure enough... I turn the hall light on and walk to the living room.  All the while the base notes are playing on the piano.  There he is, gingerly stepping on the keys. 

"Get down" I quietly said. 

Why quiet? I don't know, the piano had most of the house awake.. but none the less...  Elvis gets down and I close the piano lid, turn out the light and go back to bed.

10 minutes later:  Clang!  CRASH!!     

Elvis had somehow got on the very top of my piano, and because it is a high shine mahogany, it is slick and he slipped taking the runner, my favorite dish, an alabaster basket of flowers and a small bust of a Victorian girl to the floor.  

I'm sorry to say, my favorite dish and the basket of flowers are history.  

The bust, amazingly, didn't get much damage.   I have an antique old lamp on the piano too, and thankfully that remained steady where it was.

Well... that was the least tense part of the day.    There wound up being 48 more people let go today at work.  That was very sad for me to see, and what made it worse was that it didn't happen until the end of the day, so people were fretting all day.
   I dealt with it, this evening, by finishing off this double fudge brownie with white chocolate chips and a side of pretzels.  Yes, I imagine it was stress eating.  

However... it was yummy for the tummy!

My heart and prayers go out to all those who were let go at work today.  I will miss them, as I have missed the other 30 that received the same news, a few weeks ago.

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving