Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Changing Winds and Memories

Changing Winds 

I finished this little wall hanging last night.   

It is made up of 28 different fabrics, all 1 1/2" wide.  Sewn first, side by side... then turned to where the seams were running horizontal and cut again at an angle.  Flipped and sewn back together again... then cut on the diagonal, flipped and sewn together again.

No rhyme or reason to the construction, as this was basically a self diagnosed therapy session, but I think it turned out pretty cute.



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In Closing

As the crickets and frogs sing in the warm night air, fond childhood memories are recalled...chasing the lightning bugs as they flit across the yard...the smell of fresh cut grass, while munching down on a piece of watermelon...the sweet smell of honey suckle as it takes over and covers up whatever it comes to.  

I can see the road sides while driving up Sand Mountain in Alabama, just covered with wild vines, lush and green.  I can still hear the panthers scream at night too.  I remember the creek that ran through my grandparents land and the makeshift boats we would send sailing down it.  That water was so cold, even in the summertime.  

I remember the vast wheat fields of Kansas and the scorchin' hot summers, the locusts filling the air with their songs.  I remember catching huge grasshoppers for bait, then casting a cane pole out over a body of water to catch fish.  I remember cleaning the fish too and the smell of it frying with hush puppies, as I waited, anticipating the delicious meal ahead.   

I remember the swampy land in Florida and playing out in the yard and watching it rain on the sand road in front of me and beyond, but not a drop of rain falling where I played.  I remember patches of earth where nothing would grow because a water spout had dropped ocean water there.

I remember the salty smell of the seashore and the cool wet sand between my toes.  I remember having to keep an eye out for the jelly fish too.    The sound of the waves is still soothing to my soul.  Sometimes, here in Arkansas, if I'm overlooking the area from on top of Mount Magazine and the wind is blowing through the trees, I can still hear the ocean waves - or maybe I just miss them.    I do miss the simpler times and things of life.

Funny how just a few sounds can bring up so many memories.

God bless and keep you, 

Beauty of Giving