Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Firsts and Laughter

Hello All!!   I trust you had a great day.   

Since my last blog was kind of dark and heavy, I thought I'd take a lighter note and focus on the "firsts" for this year here at home.

I'm always trying to get a picture of lightning.   Do you know how tough that is?   We had a storm blow through last night that knocked our electricity out for a few hours. 

Talk about some wicked wind!  

I tried to get a picture of lightning, as it was snapping and popping all over the place.  I took probably 20 pictures and this is the closest I came.  So, this is my first picture of lightning lighting up the sky.

Well... after that storm, (which snapped two trees, on my street, in two) blew through; I was surprised to see the first of my Tiger Lily's this morning. 

It looks like there will be more soon.  I looked at my Day Lilies and my Asiatic Lilies and they are loaded down and ready to bloom too. 

The Hens and Chicks I had last year, died.  David thinks he over watered them.   So, he got some starts from his mom for me and planted them in a pot.   He also got some Iris starts from her and planted those in my flower bed.   Here are the new little chicks, to start off this year. 

David has raised beds in the back yard for vegetables.   Here are some firsts for that garden.

Look as these little squash!

The first jalapeno pepper


the first tomatoes!

So there you have it.  Some "firsts" for this year at my house.


What to do... What to do?

I have to create something for the Hoffman challenge, my guild will be having next month. 

This is the fabric I have to use.  It's awfully pretty, but I must be suffering from quilter's block or something because I haven't come up with anything.

Any ideas?


To bake or not to bake...

For some crazy reason, when I get stressed I start wanting to bake!   

The reason that is crazy?   

The reason is because I was not created to be a baker.

The only time I usually entertain the idea of baking, is around the holidays of Thanksgiving or Christmas.   

This can of pumpkin pie filling has been staring me down from the pantry behind me.  I have decided to bake pumpkin bread and probably a pie too, as this is one big can of pumpkin.

I'll post pics and recipes when I "get 'er done".


"Get 'er done"

 Talk about "git 'er done",  tonight was the first time I have seen or listened to Larry the Cable Guy.  

I know he has been around for a while and you're probably thinking "what - does she live under a rock?", but I just never thought he or his show would be my cup of tea. 

Well, I was watching one of my favorite channels, The History Channel, and there he was was.   The show he is on is titled Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy.   

I watched the show, and he had me laughing out loud a few times.   At one point I got tickled just seeing him get tickled, by looking at a clown; but I have to totally agree with him, that clown just had the face for funny!  


In Closing...

Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongues with singing...Psalm 126:2 (first half)

God bless and keep you,

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