Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good Medicine...


I've been away for the past three days, due to coming down with a yucky stomach virus.  My hubby ended the year with it, and I started the year with it.

Today, I've been trying to get my strength built up but everything I smelled cooking or tasted, just did not do the trick.  Nothing smelled or tasted good...
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My son, Josh, baked brownies this evening.   FINALLY!  Something smelled good and yes, tasted very good.

That just goes to prove, that chocolate is indeed good medicine.  :)

So, my year has started out very very slow... but I think I'm back on track now.  I plan to return to work tomorrow.


I'd like to share a poem I read today.

His Unfailing Presence
---Unknown Author

Another year I enter
Its history unknown;
Oh, how my feet would tremble
To tread its paths alone!
But I have heard a whisper,
I know I shall be blest;
"My presence shall go with thee,
And I will give thee rest."

What will the New Year bring me?
I may not, must not know;
Will it be love and rapture,
Or loneliness and woe?
Hush! Hush! I hear His whisper;
I surely shall be blest;
"My presence shall go with thee, 
And I will give thee rest." 



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That's all I have for this evening.   

Here's wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!!

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving