Saturday, January 14, 2012



I've been thinking of finishing up some old quilts and quilt blocks, I have acquired over the years.   I looked at two today. 

I looked at this quilt top first.  It is hand pieced with tiny stitches and held together very good.   It is not finished and I do not have the fabrics to finish it off.  I'm planning on blocking it off and adding borders.  The bed it is on, is a queen size, so this quilt is a nice size to begin with.    

This is the other quilt top I looked at.   Like the first one, it is not finished and is a nice size.   This quilt is also hand pieced.  The stitches are much larger and looser then the first quilt, and this one has more character, if you will.   

This top has a few problems I will have to address, like stains and seams that have come undone.  

I like both of these tops.  The colors are bright and I think they will make pretty quilts when finished.  I have decided I will work on the first top I viewed, as it will be the easier of the two, to repair and finish.

Yesterday I mentioned the next afghan I work on, will be the scripture afghan.  Today I wound yarn into balls.  It took some time to do and about half way through, I was thinking I need to buy one of those automatic yarn ball winders.

This yarn is from a project, I started a year or two ago and decided I didn't like the pattern.  I have had it stored away, and decided today to wind it all up into balls, to use in the scripture quilt.  I have the remaining yarn, in these colors, still in skeins.  

My wrist will probably pay the price tomorrow, but it had to be done.



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Before I bid you good night, I'd like to share my newest favorite commercial.  :)

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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