Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Like Rain...

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Hi all! 

This evening... feeling a little lethargic and slowed down.  :) 

I took a picture of some cute embroidered ornaments, my friend Charlotte made.    Aren't they pretty?!

I use these on the little Christmas tree I put up in my cubicle at work.

Then I took a picture of the fabric I will be cutting into this week.  I need to wash each one separately and then iron and starch each piece for easy cutting and appliqueing.  


We were blessed with rain last night!   

 Thank You LORD!!

It even cooled it down some.  We were in the 90s today but it felt so much better than 110 - 114, it put me in mind of fall, especially when it was still a little overcast this morning.   

The rain, cleaned the air, cooled the temps and settled the dust.   

Like rain, grace washes us clean.  

One of my favorite singers, Todd Agnew, sings Grace Like Rain.   Enjoy!  :)



What's the most memorable class you've ever taken?


 Well all... I think I'll sign off for now.  
I'm in a good story, Ramshackle Rose by Cathy Marie Hake, and can't wait to get back to it.  :)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!
God bless and keep you,

My answer to yesterday's question:  on my bedroom walls... a mariner's compass, thimble collection and shelves with my collection of tall sailing ships.

Beauty of Giving