Saturday, August 6, 2011

Leftovers and Prayer

You know how you always have smaller pieces of fabric or balls of yarn when you are done with a project?  The leftovers?

Well, I put the smaller pieces of fabric that are usable in a tub of their own... for that time when I need a little piece for a landscape or pictorial quilt. 

The yarn however, I wasn't sure what to do with.  But I have decided on a solution.  I crochet the left over bits of yarn into circles.   I plan to connect them all together in a afghan one day.

Here are a few I have, so far.  

And here is what I have to work on thus far...

I finished the Autumn colored cloth... not sure what I'm going to use it for... 


We went 'school clothes' shopping yesterday.  On the way, we stopped to put gas in the car and David found that someone was selling knitted hot pads for a dollar.  So he bought one for me. 

Audre bought some shirts and another pair of jeans and a book bag.   I found out this evening, she had 'sharpeed' her new book bag.   The first thought that went through my mind was "Oh my word."     

The bag is a black canvas bag with leather trimming.  It had a blue and brown leather butterfly on the flap.

She was happy with change she made and asked me if I wanted to see.  

What can you do, the change has already been made... so I followed her to her room to see the bag.  

  The butterfly is now red and black.   Honestly, I think it looks pretty good.  Audre didn't like the blue and brown coloring of the butterfly, so she changed it.  She spent her money on the bag, so if she's happy with it, I'm happy with it.   



What was your favorite childhood game or toy?


The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, called for prayer and fasting across our Nation today.  


I think it is because he knows the power of humbling yourself in fasting and prayer. 

The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon Him, to all that call upon Him in truth.  He will fulfill the desire of them that fear Him: He also will hear their cry, and will save them. ~ Psalm 154:18,19

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. ~ Matthew 21:22

Regardless of where you were today, in a social gathering, a church or your home, I hope you took time to pray for our Nation.

Check Rebecca's Reflections on the National Day of prayer.

God bless and keep you,

My answer to the last question:   what talent.... I would like to be able to play music, that touches the soul.

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