Monday, July 4, 2011

Enjoy the Blooms...

Today, I finished the quilt I started on Thursday. 

This evening we went to my parent's house and my little nephew said my name for the first time! 

He got one of  mom's big spoons and carried it around playing and chewing on it and when it was time to eat, he decided he wanted to eat with it.   

Isn't he a cutie!

We missed the fireworks show in our area, but after we got home this evening we found the 4th of July fireworks shows on television.  So we still got to see them in the comfort of our home, but it would have been cool to watch the fireworks live.   We watched the  shows in NYC and in Boston, going back and forth between the two.

I'm thinking it would be pretty awesome to see those two shows live.

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!


I'm not sure what type of flowers these are, but they are pretty.  They bloom every morning and then die off by noon.    I was thinking earlier, they are a good lesson for life.   

The flowers are a beautiful sight to me each morning.  I marvel at the creation of God's hands.  This morning as I looked at the delicate flowers,  I thought like these flowers we are only here for a short time.  As we enjoy the beauty of nature, we should also enjoy life. 

Challenge this week:  Take time to slow down and enjoy the day that's been given you.

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving