Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Favorite

Just thought I'd share my favorite things or this week.

 One day this week we had fog like you wouldn't believe.  On the way to work, it was so foggy I couldn't see 10 feet in front of me.  I called my husband and asked him to take a photo for me. It was still dark, so he took this photo mid-morning.  The fog hung around for quite a while.

On the way home one day, the moon was in the eastern sky and the craters were the same color as the sky, as if the sky was shining through it.  So I took this picture when I got home.

This is one of the first paintings my husband did. He painted this for my parents.  I think it is pretty.

He has painted other pictures since and I think he is getting better with each new painting.



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Until next time,


Beauty of Giving