Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blessings in disguise

I believe blessings, inspiration and lessons come in many types of ways.

This morning I was blessed by a visit to a sister in faith.  She has recently had surgery and has to wear a neck brace.  

Now when I hear of someone wearing a neck brace I think of how restricting, how daunting that could be.  I can see how it would be easy for a person to get down in spirit in such a situation.

That is not what I saw this morning.   What I saw was someone trusting completely in God to see her through the situation.  She was in good spirit and revealed to us that she is learning a lesson during this healing process she it going through. She is learning to be still and know.   She feels good enough to be out and about but is restricted from doing so.  So this lesson is probably not easy, but she is learning from it.

It was an inspiration to me to see her in such good spirit and her trust in God.

How often do we let little things, get us down?   How often do we forget that God is in control?   I'm afraid more often than not and it was good to see the example my sister in faith showed me this morning.


Beauty of Giving