Monday, March 3, 2014

0% Clearance

Good morning,
It looks like I will be staying home today.   I just checked the road conditions for what I travel to work and all the roads I could take are icy with 0% clearance.   

It's just safer if I stay off the road ~ safer for me and for all those who might be on the road with me.

I took this picture through my front window, as it is too chilly for me to step out (15°).  What you are seeing mostly is sleet and ice with a light covering of snow.

Though we were hit with ice and sleet first, then snow on top, I'm thankful we still have electric power and no frozen water pipes.

I want to remind you of my Spring Giveaway.  You can sign up on my post titled Good Music and a Giveaway.  


Since I'm staying home today, I plan to make it a productive day and work on the log cabin quilt.  I am close to getting it finished.  I'm very ready to have it done and move on to something else. 

It seems I always learn something with each quilt I make.      

The lesson I learned with this one is, if you are going to do a "quilt as you go" type quilt, pick a simpler pattern.  


Beauty of Giving