Saturday, March 15, 2014

The day...

Today was the day...

The day for prom dress shopping.

Audre and I took off around 11 a.m. this morning in search of a prom dress. 

We looked at a lot of dresses.  


We looked at dresses that she wasn't very impressed with.

She gave me this look over several of the dresses we looked at in the first shop we went into.   

Needless to say we moved on...

Audre is petite and finding her size was a challenge, but three stores later we found a dress she was happy with and fit her.  Shoes were next and they were easier to find than the dress.

We had fun and Audre kept me chuckling throughout the day with her comments and faces over certain dresses.

I will have to show you her dress, but will wait until the day of prom.  There's no need in spoiling the fun and showing her dress before it's time.


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