Thursday, March 6, 2014


What is it about music that moves us?music notes
Is it the melody...the tempo?
Could it be the lyrics, if there are any?
Could it be the style of music?
Could it be the frame of mind we are in while listening?
I find music motivating, encouraging, inspiring, relaxing, and even depressing sometimes, at which point I hurriedly find another piece of music to listen to.
I cannot imagine life without music.
I grew up with music, from my dad playing his harmonica and singing to church congregation songs every service.
I married a man whose family if big into music.  They either play an instrument or they sing.  This has been passed down to my children.  Often I wake up hearing or go to be hearing a guitar being played by my husband, my son or my daughter.
There is always music playing in my car and until I took my current job, there was always music being played at work.
Music is so much a part of my life, many mornings, when I wake I'm singing on the inside.
So... what is it about music?
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