Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Saints Celebrate!

It's the bottom of the ninth...
Batter is at the plate...
Pitcher's winding up...

The ball is smoking hot tonight, burning right through the batters, taking them out one by one.  They fall, then are dragged to the pit.

The pitcher laughs, smoke rolling out of his mouth.  The saints watching from the stands, cringe each time a person falls, knowing the pitcher has them.

A new batter steps up to plate, nervous and jittery.  He sees the evil grin on the pitcher's face and feels the heat of his stare.  As he stands there, something catches his eye.  There's a Light over center field.   He decides to keep his eyes on the Light, and not on the pitcher, in hopes that the Light will get him on base.

The pitcher winds up and whoosh! he lets the ball fly.  It turns red as it gets closer, leaving a trail of smoke behind it.

The batter, with his eyes still on the Light, swings the bat and connects with the ball, sending it right back at the pitcher.

The pitcher's face turns from an evil grin to a face of rage and terror, as he dissipates into a puff of smoke.   The smell of sulfur lingers in the air.

The batter runs the bases, keeping his eyes on the Light.   The Light stays in front of him as he rounds third base toward home.

Home Run!!

The Saints Celebrate!


I was inspired to write this after I got home this evening.  Though it resembles a baseball game, it much deeper than that.

This is a story about life. 

We are all in the thick of the "game" and the "pitcher", satan, is doing everything in his power to take us down.  He hates us and he hates Jesus Christ even more.  

We don't have the strength or the power to fight him on our own.  So we make a choice...

We either let ourselves be taken down, which leads to eternity in hell, the "pit".  (Yes, hell is very real.  I know hell is real because God showed me hell and scared it out of me fifteen years ago.  And yes I was sober and down to earth, when it happened. )

So.. we either let ourselves be taken down


We turn to Jesus and let Him deal with satan and guide us home. 

It does not matter how bad you think you are, Jesus still loves you.

Believe me - if He loved me enough to show me where I was going, if I denied Him again... He loves you.   There is nothing - nothing you have done in your past or have done today or are doing right now, that He is not willing to forgive.    He forgave me and gave me life - freeing me from my past.

So, what choice have you made?



I'm ready to start the block of the month in October.  If you are interested in joining let me know and share your block each month with your followers.

It will be Christmas themed and by the time we get done with the last block, we will be able to have it finished for next Christmas.

So let know if you're interested, by either commenting here or sending me an email.



What's the habit you're proudest of breaking?


Okay, I guess I'm done for the evening.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

God bless and keep you,

PS... I saw three home runs this evening!  :)

My answer to the last question:  I go to my Father in heaven.

Beauty of Giving