Saturday, February 28, 2015

Oh joy...

I woke this morning and this is what I saw when I opened my back door.  It was still snowing but the snow was sugar fine.
around 7:15 a.m.

There's a big tree across the road in front of my house and I think it always looks pretty with snow on its branches so I stepped around to the front of the house and took this picture.

After the snow stopped, it started raining a little while later and has done so most of the day with temps below 32°.  I just checked our local road condition map and this is what it looks like.  The red indicates ice/ice patches.     Oh joy...

In an earlier blog I wrote about a lap quilt I started from so old UFOs I had laying around.  I decided it needed something more so I'm auditioning these "add ons".   If I decide to use them I will tie the quilt with these pieces as each piece has a slit for ties to go through.

I've been trying out some new recipes.  I started the 10 day Danial Diet on Wednesday.  I feel this is something I've been led to do for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.  I will share more about it at the end of my 10 days but one of the hardest things I've found so far is figuring out what to eat.  Especially for someone like me who doesn't like the eat the same thing repeatedly nor cares that much for left overs.  Then add to that fact I feel hungry all the time, though today the hunger hasn't been so bad. I guess my body it beginning to get use to not having the sugars and "whites" or meat. Two recipes I've tried are Jamaican chili and bean patties.  There is no meat, no sugars, no leavening, no fermentation (vinegars and such), but plenty of veggies and spices.  When I made the Jamaican chili it was enough for three lunches at work and I was surprised at how the chili got better tasting each day.  The bean patties, didn't last that long, David and Audre tried them and like them too.  I've learned too that if I want something hot to drink to heat up all natural apple juice.  It's a nice replacement for tea and coffee.

Well that's it for now.  I know my friends in the north are snow bound and I pray that you are being safe and staying warm.  My friends in the south with the little snow and ice like we have here in Arkansas, I pray that you too are staying safe and warm.

Until next time,
Warm Hugs,

Beauty of Giving