Saturday, February 21, 2015


I woke early this morning.   After my morning Bible reading, I looked out the front window and saw that it was raining.  I could see the rain drops in a puddle in the driveway and thought I'd get a pic.  So put on my jacket, and went outside.  It was a cold, very cold rain.  I tried to get a picture of the ripples in the puddle as the rain fell.

Here's the puddle....

Here are some ripples in the puddle.  Do you see a familiar famous mouse shape, like I do?

When I came back into the house, Elvis was wanting some attention.

After making sure he had food and water in his bowls, I settled down to watch some sewing shows on the local public network ~ got some good ideas and hope to put them to use.   

Did I go to my sewing room today? Yes.  I walked in, looked around, looked through my fabric, looked at the UFO on my sewing table... then I walked out.   

I just needed to rest and chill out today.  So much so, that when David and Audre asked if I wanted to go do something today, I opted to stay home and they went.  I just took it easy; fixed myself a little lunch, watched a little television, and took a nap.  I feel like I could use a few more days like that, but will take what I can get when I can.  :)

I've updated My Walk, at the top of the page.  Check it out.  :)


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