Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy First Day of Autumn

Hello!  Aren't you glad Autumn is here?  I sure am.  Autumn is my favorite time of the year.

Here is the Sedum in my garden blooming for the season.


I worked in my sewing area this afternoon... You know how it is... it gets cluttered up from time to time.  So I de-cluttered the area so that I can get some sewing done.   Got side tracked from time to time by patterns and such... got started hand sewing a ornament... then got back on track again.

Finally I was able to sit down and sew.   I have two work shirts (blue and green) that have been put aside for recycle due to them being stained up.  Today, I decided to cut them up and make one good shirt out of them.  

The blue shirt was bleach splotched at the bottom.  The green shirt was stained at the top .  

So I cut the bottom off the blue shirt and cut the top off the green shirt, then took the remaining good pieces and sewed them together.  I tried it on and it still fits. It has a color block look and now I can wear it to work with out the staining. 


God bless and keep you!


Beauty of Giving