Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Oats to Tools

This morning I finished off a container of quick oats.  I needed something for my set of screwdrivers and a few other tools.  Instead of buying something to hold them I decided to up cycle the empty oatmeal container.


So I picked out fabric that was heavier, like a lightweight denim. Using pinking shears I cut a piece of fabric the size needed to cover the oatmeal container.  I used paperclips to hold the fabric in place as I rolled the container to get the correct length.

Using a hot blue gun, I glued the fabric to the container, securing it down the side, the bottom and over the top rim.

Then I added my tools.

The lid was left over, so I decided to re-purpose it too.   I traced it out on the fabric, then cut it out with pinking shears and put the cut circle on the top of the lid.  Then I added three round magnets on the backside of the lid, making it a fridge magnet.

This was easy to do and went quick.  You could use scrapbook paper instead of fabric.  I decided to keep it simple in style, but you could decorate a container like as much as you want.


Beauty of Giving