Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bread, Veggies, and a little duck tape...

I woke up hungry this morning so I baked a skillet of biscuits.  They were yummy with butter and red plum jelly along with a cup of hot coffee.  It was a pretty good way to start the day.

My husband was outside, so I went out to check on him.  It was a good morning to be out.  He was weeding the two raised beds we use for the vegetable garden.  It is in the early stage and not a lot is growing yet but I was able to get a picture of new tomatoes, Swiss chard and green onions that have come up.

I've mentioned the green carpet in my sewing room and how it is a chore to keep it clean of threads and such.

I can't afford to pull the carpet up and put down tile at this time but I'm tired of the battle between carpet and threads, pins, etc.  So I bought two packs of the foam tiles and laid them down on top of the carpet.  This will make clean up easier and will be more comfy for my morning exercise routine.

There were several edge pieces left over.

So I set them out in a pattern, flipped them over and duck taped the backside, then took an X-Acto knife and very carefully trimmed the edges to the best of my ability...  

Anyway, I made a mat to put down where I stand to cut fabric.
It measures 12.25" x 22".

That's it for now.

Have great day!

Beauty of Giving