Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hi, hope your day went well.

I started my day with planting another ivy that was rooted over the winter.  I found the pink square pot at Savers in Fort Smith and thought it would do well in this wooden basket.

This is how the side of my sewing machine looked earlier today.

I found this planter when I found the pink and decided to use to put all of the above items in one place.

I try to stay organized most of the time but I think I must be a clutter bug at heart.  My desk in my sewing room has been like this for a week or so and I've been doing my bible study at my sewing table.

So today, I decided I better clean it up, so that I can sit at the desk to study my bible, to water color, scrapbook, beading, etc.

At last room to use... now I need to stay on top of it instead of letting it get back in the state it was.

Have a great day!


Beauty of Giving