Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Treasure finds

It has been so Spring like of late and I'm getting spoiled and hope a cold snap doesn't ruin it.   I caught this beautiful sunset two days ago.

Yesterday my husband, daughter and I enjoyed the afternoon flea marketing.

I found this planter and after getting it home and cleaned up I saw that it is a Anchor Hocking Fire King piece from the 1940-1960's.

It has been repurposed and is no longer a planter but a napkin holder.

This little planter caught my eye too.  I like the floral print on it.  It is a FTDA ceramic planter from 1986.

After taking the handles off of the planter, I added ribbon to cover the holes.  Then I planted a philodendron cutting from last autumn.

The plant will need a stake for support, so to begin with I used a large plastic knitting needle that I had and don't use.  I added a few marbles on top of the soil too.

I like to find broaches to use on tote bags and hand bags.  This little beauty caught my eye yesterday.  It is MFA yellow/green enamel, gold plated daffodil pin.  I searched online for a date but could only find it as "rare" and have seen dollar signs from $25 - $70 on pins just like it with the same marking.


Those are my treasure finds this week from a beautiful sunset to a beautiful pin.


Beauty of Giving