Thursday, April 25, 2013


I saw one of the most beautiful sights on my way to work yesterday.  I was so inspired by it, I called my husband and told him about it, as I walked into the office.

I was traveling north on Hwy 309 and as I topped a hill that overlooks a valley, I gasped in awe at the scene before me.  

To the north there were clouds, blue-gray in color, outlined in white, contrasting against the bright blue sky.  The sun threw a warm glow across the valley from the east, highlighting the bright greens of spring in the pasture grasses and trees.   There was a light breeze and the bodies of water in the valley glistened like diamonds.  

It was a reminder of the love and care God has for us.  He has surrounded us with splendor, but it seems we too often are rushing by it without noticing.   I'm glad I was able to see it yesterday.

I wish I had my camera with me, another missed photo op, though I will have that picture in my mind for a while.

Beauty of Giving