Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day at the Museum

Today, we went to Crystal Bridges Museum, with several others from our church.   I took a few pictures.  

On the way, there was construction on I40... go figure...

but we made it.   

The first thing we see as we drive up to the museum is this cool tree sculpture.

Parking close was not available, but we finally found a space in the back forty.  As we walked to the museum I took a picture of, I'm guessing, wild flowers along the path.

In the museum we were allowed to take pictures without the flash.   There were a lot of beautiful oil paintings and other medium.

I took a picture of this painting, because it brought back fond memories of my childhood.  I got a little choked up, to be honest with you.  Most of my family is from the southeast and still there; Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.  Going to the ocean was something we did.  I miss the mountainous areas of the southern Appalachians and I miss the ocean.  If I could have a favorite place to have a home, it would be in a mountainous area near enough to the ocean I could go there on the weekends.

Then I saw this sculpture.  I believe it was bronze.

Next thing that caught my eye was this sculpture.  It is made with aluminum, silicone, fabric and paint.

Okay, then the crochet/sewing side of me saw this.  It is made of wire mesh, crochet and buttons attached with those plastic ties you see the tags attached to clothing with.

After the museum, we had some business to take care of in Rogers, AR.  I wanted to go to The Rabbit's Lair, it's a fabric shop, but by the time we got done with the business the shop was closed.   So I went to Hancock's.  I'm glad I went.  You know how Hancock's has always got some kind of sale or special thing going on?  Well I found a bargain today.   I got these two wool-felt bags for $1.99 each.  They normally run for $19.99.  I'm going to decorate them with wool-felt shapes, using a blanket stitch.   The dark red bag has a zippered middle section.  The multicolored one it an open tote.

On the way to work, earlier in the week, I noticed these irises blooming.   I asked David to pull over, on our way home today, so I could take a picture of them.  
 The irises we have in our flower bed are loaded down with buds, but no blooms yet.  I think some of them will be dark purple and other a very light purple.  This will be the first year, we have a lot of iris blooms.

I'm thankful the Lord blessed us with this day.  It was a beautiful day.

Here's wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend!

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving