Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beautiful so far...

This weekend has been beautiful so far.

To kick the weekend off, we played put-put golf last night.
 It was a lot of fun.

We finished up with arcade and pinball games.


I think we are past any hard cold snap and the garden has been started.

Today basil, oregano, heirloom tomatoes and peppers were planted.

We will plant seeds too.   Here are some seeds we have so far.

David bought a pretty plant to go in the flower bed.  It is a Dianthus.

My mini rose has a lot of red leaves on it, I think it is going to bloom beautifully, later on.

I also have seeds that will be planted in the flower bed.


I came across straight pins with no point today, as I pinned fabric pieces together for the log cabin quilt.

The batch of pins I'm using has had several in it.

The bad thing is I don't notice them until I try to pin the fabric.  

When I find them I set them aside and then put them in a container I have for bent or broken pins and needles; or in the case of these blunt pins, toss them in the trash.   


I tried a new brownie mix today.  

 It was a cream cheese swirl brownie mix.  

They smelled yummy cooking and tasted yummy.   

I was given a Amish bread starter earlier this week.  I will have to bake it and divide it tomorrow (Sunday).   I'm thinking of making an Amish Friendship bread with it.  I will share the recipe when I bake it up.   

I read earlier today that you can freeze the starter in 1 cup increments for later use.  I'm planning on doing that, as I'm having trouble finding takers to pass the starter on to.

Thinking of the Amish Friendship bread I found this poem to share with you.

May God touch your life
In a very special way
As you have touched my life
In all you do and say
For I'm eternally grateful
For a special friend like you
A friend that is heaven sent
So faithful and so true.
© By M.S.Lowndes

Have a great weekend!

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving