Thursday, February 21, 2013

I thought to myself...

This morning I woke to rolling thunder.

I've always like the sound of thunder.   I knew though, that it was not an ordinary thunder shower.  

It was a thunder, rain/sleet shower.  Yesterday it snowed all day, then through the night and this morning rain/sleet, with temperatures at freezing or below.  

Since I didn't get out much yesterday or today, for that matter, I took care of a few fabric scraps.

At my last quilt guild meeting one of my friends showed a love quilt, that I thought was just too cute.  :)  She mentioned that each time she finishes a quilt; she takes the scraps and cuts them into 2" squares.   The quilt she showed had some of the 2" squares she has collected over time.  

I thought to myself, I need to so that with my scrap fabrics.

I have a small tub of scrap fabrics (my scrap tub).   I took a big handful of scraps out of my scrap tub and decided I would cut them down to 3" and 2" squares.

I started with cutting 3" squares and got quite a few from this first batch.

Then I took the squares and put them together in groups for quilt tops.  I came up with three different groups and as I go through the rest of the scrap tub, I will add to them or create new groups.

What do you do with your fabric scraps?

♥ ♥ ♥

I received a call for a job interview today.  

It will happen next week.  

The interview will be my first, since my layoff.


That's all I have this evening.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving