Monday, March 23, 2015

Oh My!...

I went to my fabric cabinet to get scraps for a few English paper pieced flowers. I opened the cabinet, pulled out a tote filled with fabric scraps, opened it up to find I had put felt material in it and had moved the fabric scraps to another tote.... Oh my!  I searched and didn't find them.  I was on the phone with my Mom and told her it was going to take me longer to find the fabric scraps than it would take to hand sew the flowers.

After I found the fabric scraps, in a bigger tote than the previous one, I decided to make a list of where everything is in my cabinet.

So, now that I have that addressed I can focus on the paper pieced flowers.  They will be appliqued to the small quilt I've been working on.

I'm in the middle of rearranging my sewing room too.  I have moved the t.v. and the small cabinet it was sitting on out of the room and moved the Yarn dresser and the quilt rack.  Now I need to move the sewing tables.  I plan to keep them on the same side of the room but will rotate them so that lengthwise they will be going north/south instead of east/west like they are now.  By rotating the tables in the new position I will be able to have both of my active sewing machines set up at all times and I think I will have room for my serger too.  This will create a more efficient and productive environment.


I've said it before and I'm going to say it again.  I'm so glad Spring is here.  :)

There are blooms everywhere.  All the daffodils in my flower bed are now bloomed.  I think the reason I like them so much is each year when they bloom to new life, it makes me think of how my life became new when I trusted in Jesus Christ as my Savior.  

Here are some shots I've taken in the past few days.  The days have been overcast so the color of the flowers and trees blooming gave the gray days some cheer.  :)

this stem was laid over, so I cut it and put it in some water in this little bottle.
hyacinths among the dead winter grass
new growth on the climbing roses

Beauty of Giving