Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stopped for a moment...

On the way to work this morning, I rounded a small curve and a coyote shot out of a thicket on the side of the road and ran lightning fast across the highway in front of me.  I know that coyotes can be pests and often times are not wanted but this one was a beauty.  I don’t know if I startled it as I rounded the curve or if it was running from something, but it was moving fast.  There were a lot of crows or ravens out and about this morning too.  I don’t usually see as many as I saw this morning.   I think it was a good sign that Autumn is close.

 After I’d been at work for about an hour, it began to rain.   I had to go downstairs for some documents and as I came back upstairs the rain was coming down hard enough for me to hear it in the stairwell.  I stopped for a moment and enjoyed the sound.      
Though I'm physically at work, on lunch break,  I'm at home in heart and spirit.  With it being a rainy day, it is the perfect day to be in my sewing room and then later curling up with a good book.

Hope your day is going well. 

Until next time...

Beauty of Giving