Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To start the year out...

I hope this finds 2013 starting out well for you.

Here at home, it's a tradition for my family to have, at a minimum, black-eyed peas with ham hock.  We normally have cornbread, fried potatoes and greens with the peas, but this year it will be a  little different, as I'm out of potatoes and greens (and don't want to go to the grocer for only those two items).   We're having mac/cheese, biscuits and smoked sausage with our peas this year.

What is a traditional New Years meal at home for you?


It is hard for me to throw away some Christmas cards, but after a while they tend to build up in number.  So this year I decided to change the ones I wanted to keep into ornaments.

Here's what you need if you would like to do the same.

A pair of scissors
A hole punch
The cards you want to save
Coordinating yarn or ribbon
A large eyed needle

Look at the cards and pick out focal points that you think would look good as an ornament.

Once you decide, cut the image out.  Then use the hole punch and punch holes around the outer edge of the image.  Then use the needle (if needed) to thread the yarn/ribbon through the holes, creating an edge design.  Here are a few I did this afternoon.

I was able to thread the yarn through without the needle, but did use the needle in some instances when having to thread the yarn under yarn that has already been threaded through the punched holes.   

Do you recycle your Christmas cards?   If so, how?


To start the year out...

Hold tight to the wonder and experience each day brings, because tomorrow will bring new wonder, new things to learn, new memories to make and new dreams.  Hold tight, but always, be open to the new wonder that awaits you each day.

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving