Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Still Small Voice...


This week seems to be flying by but at the same time has had very slow moments too.  :)

I received an awesome surprise in the mail, earlier in the week.  It was a package from my "Christmas in July" partner, Nadine.   Thanks again Nadine!


Still Small Voice...

Last Thursday evening I realized I had forgot to call in, two days earlier, to find out if I was to report for federal jury duty.  As you know, failure to report results in a penalty of fine or imprisonment.  I contacted the Jury Administer that evening by email and then called the very next morning and left her a voice mail.  I've been praying about it hoping the fine would not be too hefty and that it was a fine and not jail time.

I've been waiting for the fine to show up in the mail.

Yesterday morning, I received a voice mail from the jury administer and then read an email from her last night stating the day I should have reported, everyone was dismissed due to the trial being settled outside of court and that I do not owe a fine and that I will be receiving a letter that my service time for this year is done.

Before I was finished listening to her voice mail, my hand was in the air and I was thanking God.  I went to share the good news with a friend, who knew about the situation.  As I walked away from her office, it was then God decided to share His lesson with me.

I was walking away happy about the blessing I just received, but still had other worries at the back of my mind.  I hadn't taken five steps when He spoke to me in a still small voice, "Sonia, haven't I just shown you that I am in total control of your life?  Stop worrying."  I broke down and made my way to the bathroom, to collect myself.   I thanked the Lord for the reminder, it was one I needed.


We were blessed with some more rain today.   We have a chance tomorrow too... hope we get more.  I hope if you are in a very dry area, that you get rain soon too.


Have a terrific Thursday!

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving