Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You Never Know...

Hi again.

Had an enjoyable day with the family.  We went flea marketing.

I found a Taste of Home cookbook, I don't have, so I snatched it up. :)

Then David found this little phone table and I thought is would work great on my side of the sofa.  Got it home, set it next to the sofa and its the right height.  The emergency phone fits in it nicely and I have room for my "blessings" journal and my lap top on the shelf under the phone shelf.   A patriotic crocheted doily will go on top.

You never know what you might see, while flea marketing...  Today I saw something that I had to take a picture of and share.  I came across some canes, in a crock and one of the canes had a real animal's foot on it.  I'm serious, it was hairy.  At least it looked real.


Earlier, I promised to post the Recipe of the week when I returned home.  You can find it at http://aquiltingsouthpawsthoughts.blogspot.com/p/give-aways.html


I had a nice surprise in the mail over the weekend.  
I won patterns in a giveaway Crafty Stitchers had.

Here is what showed up in the mail.  I can't decide which pattern to start with, but plan to try one soon.


We have had two wild fires close to home in the past week.  We are under a burn ban and fireworks ban, so I won't have any fireworks to share with you this year, none the less, I wish you a safe and enjoyable 4th of July.

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving